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I'm Jason, the store owner and designer. Thanks for visiting!

I make the most durable beaded chain jewelry for the goth subculture. Most of my designs feature hallmarks of Gothic aesthetics to complement goth fashion. Silver toned jewelry is a classic complement to the darkest outfits, and a range of rosary-style chains are available for those wishing to channel some traditional goth energy.

My jewelry may also appeal to those interested in mythology, mysticism, the occult, medieval or renaissance events and even cosplayers. They make great gifts too!

Each beaded chain is constructed from 18 gauge stainless steel wire, a much thicker and tougher wire than is commonly used for this technique.  The chain links will not corrode or change color over time, and will remain solidly constructed over countless years. I try my best to source additional components that are also made from stainless steel, pewter, glass and stone to keep every piece as nickel free as possible, so more people can wear them without worrying about allergies. If you do have any concerns, please connect with me through the contact page.